Contemporary Art

Amelie Tavernier

_MG_7900Amélie Tavernier was born in 1980, in France. Her professional career in health over the last 15 years is the inspiration for some of her works.

Through these various drawing workshops, courses and training she acquired academic drawing techniques, painting and mixed media, allowing her to enhance the quality of her creations and work.

She worked as an ambassador at “Place des Vosges” art gallery in Paris, where she rubbed shoulders with artists such as DE KEISER, and Érika Gagé, painter famous for painting “village of Barbizon”.

In a self-taught manner, her first pencil strokes were inspired by her paternal grandfather. Having shared in his form of expression, she developed a passion that has stayed with her always . She has memories of colored pencils that were kept in a wooden cigar box. This initiation to art led her to take freedom of expression drawing classes at the Beauvaisis school of art. In her pre-university years, she followed a style of drawing for which she received honorable mention at the exhibits of said works, from 1995 to 1998. From 2004 to 2008 she participated in free mixed media workshops, in the Paris Fine Arts studio. She also took part in an exhibition of amateur work in the city of Vincennes.

After her arrival in Canada (Québec), she continued her journey outside of university, from 2008 to 2013 at the Montreal School Of Fine Arts, Artus. She rigorously followed drawing Read more…



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