Artistic approach

demBetween symbolism and abstraction, Amélie Tavernier’s art relates to human relationships, social issues, books, or deeply personal topics led by experiences or feelings. The subjects are derived through questions, reflections and sometimes express opinions, moods and social situations. Some of her works may be seen as criticism of society. Painting is a tool for exploration, reflection, personal research, knowledge of oneself and one’s environment, study of people and things.

”The paintings reflect my era and my questions. I recount a moment, a feeling or a thought through the subject studied, the vibe of the painting, the pose, gesture, furthermore, the colors and textures give the painting a personal perception of the subjects worked on. These voyages are reflected in my paintings and are a source of inspiration. Artistic maturity achieved by intense research in foreign places and countries allows me today to record the features found deep in my soul. Each of my creations comes from a strong intuition, a reflection needing to be expressed, a technical quest, a need for balance.”

Medium used : Mixed technique on canvas or paper, oil pastel, oil stick, acrylic paint, oil paint, model paint, structural mortar, inks, crude pigments, charcoal and pencil.