“I thank you for flying inside
you colors take me inside
Paint, paint, paint, with movement,
a vibration comes out of your feathers
who kisses me forever
who teaches me forever
I thank you for your friendship
Thanking you for this beautiful clarity
for trust in the light
Paint, paint, paint,
Guacamayo, Guacamayo, powerful Guacamayo,
in your eyes shines a star
light arrows opening the painting
your crown of light dances in the wind
lightning all the space, oh, heal my heart
lightning all the space, oh, heal the familly
Guacamayo, Guacamayo, powerful Guacamayo,
Guacamayo, Guacamayo.”

— Lyrics of Guacamayo, Danit.

2019, mixed technique and oil on canvas.
48×76 po


3 000$