The She-bear

Inspired by a text of Russell Calvert about violences.

“Once upon a time there was a small bear that had been locked up at a very young age in a cage of one meter by one meter. All she could do in that little cell was to step forward and back off one. She was trampling all the time, one step forward, one step back. She was abused, whipped, brutalized (…) By adulthood she become huge and too big for the cage (…) Another bear approached her and asked: “Do you want to tell me what you do to take a step forward and step back like that continually? The she bear told him: “That’s because when I was little, I was captured and trapped in a one meter cage by one meter. I could talk to you for hour (…) The other bear answered her back: “Then after? “.” Text from Russell Calvert.

Oil on canvas.


H : 121,5cm
L: 152cm