Projects and Exhibitions

Varnishing contemporary art and Zénitud’art fund raising, The 11St of october, 2018

For 2018, will be the varnishing of my news paintings !

Here is the invitation for the varnishing, on Thursday, October 11th, 2018, from 5:00 pm, still in the great space Fullum of the Center “La Traversée”, in Montreal!
To the program: exhibition, collective paint guided by the artist Minh Truong, performance of the musician of Indian harmonium and singer Philippe Lussier, alias @Pradyumna!
Come in large numbers, exchange together and take advantage of this event, discover Amélie’s universe and participate in our fund raising for the actions of Zénitud’ Art aimed at vulnerable public!


Project Women from here, women from elsewhere, but women

”Women from here, women from elsewhere, but women” is the theme of an exhibit by reunited female artists, Lucie Auclaire and Amélie Taverner, whose path, as different as it is unique, led them to meet and share a common passion, painting.

Using passion as their tool, Lucie and Amélie wish to share their aesthetic, ethical and social reflections on status, rights and the essence of today’s women, seen through the prism of their painting, modern and contemporary.

Lucy questions the prejudices of our religious heritage and the place of women in society. She wishes to provoke a debate; where do women actually stand.

Amélie, meanwhile, puts forth and questions the difference of love between what ”we say” and what we live. The romantic vision of love that is taught to young girls, is it not exaggerated? Can we portray a more real image to make them modern women in this respect too?

To realize this project, each one has explored different painting techniques, textures, materials and medias in order to express their sensitive perception of the actual modern day woman. One common thread unites all these works: the desire that the viewer along with their work, instinctively understands the results of the reflection and work. They want to raise awareness, make one reflect, enlighten, shock, all to allow them to share their point of view of the modern day western woman.


Love is a feeling of affection of tenderness and attachment to a person. It acts as a factor in social relations and occupies a central place in human psychology. Humans are trying to find their way, all are looking for sentimental identity and love in the broadest sense. I want to share with the public my introspection on the human love condition through a European, North American, active , independent, modern, autonomous and free woman.

How is love born? Why do we fall in love? How do fairy tales influence our expectations as adult women? How is love taught to us? What is the definition of the couple? What is the place of reproduction, fertility? What is the place of bodily pleasure in women’s sexuality? How to find the balance between a man and a woman, when she has the dynamism, insight, intelligence equal to that of her partner?
Thought this society is evolving and provides great opportunities to change, to move, to differ from previous generations, the way we teach love to girls, remained static, without evolution. Why do we continue to format girls’ brains through fairy tales and candy pink, all the while knowing that life is not a fairy tale and that the chances to meet and keep the fairy tale prince are infinitesimally thin?

One might think that the liberation of mores, the advent of feminism, the increase in divorce rate would have called this myth to an end, but nothing seems to happen. Our expectations are not in line with our reality. The Internet Generation has access to the World Wide Web, at the time, where the novel Fifty Shades of Grey knows worldwide success, female fantasies excite curiosity. Not just that of the media, but also that of the women themselves. Women and their sexuality, now easily accessible, in the books, magazines, posters, tv…

Publicizing, popularizing sexuality did change behaviours in adult women’s relationships.

Love continues to be taught to us as a fairy tale, while the way to live and talk about sexuality significantly evolved over these past fifty years.

Draft calendar for the Alfid company



Exhibition : Syrian War


This painting began during the Arab Spring, as a reaction to the number of deportees, deaths, refugees, immigrants, victims of a brutal and undemocratic regime brutal, under the influence of a despicable man.

Exhibition of student: from January 24 to February 28; Best painting, 2013


The alchimist


Inspired by Paul Coelho’s The Alchemist.

Student exhibition: February 2009: Best Design 2009.