Amelie Tavernier

Amélie Tavernier, I am Franco-Canadian, born in 1980, began my professional career in the health field and mainly with elderly people who have nourished me for some through the transmission of their wisdom.

At the same time, I have deepened my artistic journey through various drawing workshops, courses and academic training, free workshops, live model workshops, creative workshops, artist residencies. During this training and artistic journey I have acquired techniques of drawing, painting and mixed techniques, photography, which allows me to deepen the quality of my paintings.

Having worked with artists from the famous painters’ village of Barbizon in France and renowned gallery owners from the Place des Vosges in Paris, the network of the Ateliers des Beaux-Arts de Paris. It is from my arrival in Canada and the  formalization, professionalization of this approach, that I began to participate in exhibitions, community projects as well as solo exhibitions. The artistic research continues with an artist residency in Brazil, to structure and deepen my artistic approach.

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