Loïc. Give me a child

Technique mixte- acrylique et encres sur toile
106.6cm x 111.5cm
Mai 2008


Dedicated to an meeting which taught me to tame my maternal fiber.
The fleetingness of these crucial meetings, these important parentheses for a full lifetime.
Loïc is the story of a true love, a confidence given wich had an impact on my beliefs in myself and for my report to motherhood. Loïc created for a few time, a lot of upheavals in myself. I deposited it on this canvas, more than ten years ago. Then I left, I hidden its existence, I even changed its title. I took this painting out of hiding and brought it back from France a few weeks ago. I learned at the same time that Loïc was gone too, but much farther and for much longer.
This impermanence of life, still present, which hits you, upsets you, which brings you jewels that you catch when you can, when you choose it. Today, for all these reasons, I choose to present you this painting and to reveal you its true title, with hindsight and love.